Bargain Alert: Anker Soundcore Life 2 – 30% Discount

We recently reviewed quite a few products from audio and mobile gadgetry outlet, Anker, and the Soundcore Life 2 headphones were just one such product. Dom reviewed them and seemed to really enjoy them, but a couple of niggles persisted. Of paramount importance was the price of them. Well, that’s one issue we can now resolve thanks to Anker for notifying us of an upcoming sale.

Anker soundcore Life 2 Review

If you were on the lookout for a comfortable pair of headphones, with Active Noice Cancellation, long battery life, and a few accessories to boot, the Anker Soundcore Life 2 headphones might well be a good fit.

As previously mentioned, Dom reviewed these back in February 2019, and had way more positive points to note than negatives; they’re easy to use, have a good clear sound signature, and are portable thanks to the included case, which isn’t something to be overlooked.

The price remained a sticking point for Dom, however, and despite the fact they have dropped from the review price of £74.99 to £64.99, that might still be a stumbling block for some.

Never fear! If you visit the Soundcore Life 2 headphones listing on Amazon UK between the 5th and 19th of April 2019, you will receive a 30% discount on these units! Just mark that in your calendar, and ensure you check them, and other Anker products out between those dates!

Enjoy, and easy listening!

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