Preview: March of the Droids 2015 Event

It’s that time of the year again when Mobile fanatics and Android fanboys start to get a little twitchy. Bank balances are checked. Devices are cleaned. Tickets are purchased, and if you’re anything like us at MobileTechTalk, karaoke voices are suitably readied! March of the Droids is back!

For those staring at the screen now with little or no expression on their faces, allow us to bring you into the fold.

March of the Droids
They look a nice bunch don’t they!

March of the Droids (MotD) is an annual event, run by Android fans, for Android fans. The event, held on the 21st March in Birmingham this year, seeks to deliver its attendees a community focused forum for mobile discussion, device hands on, raffles, prizes and guest speakers. This year there is a packed day organised with the following planned:

  • XDA Developers will represented by Matthew Bloomer Black and Jeremy Meiss. Matthew will be extolling the virtues of NFC and will be providing NFC implants for those wishing to take a step closer to Skynets T-101
  • Honor will be attending to give hands in with their latest handsets and there might even be a give-away!
  • Matteo Doni of Skyscanner will be attending to chat about the real benefits of Google’s Android OS.
  • Laura Kimball and Graham Wheeler will be representing HTC at the event and fielding questions.
  • David Stevenson will be on hand to hep customise Android Collectables to your taste. This guy is seriously talented!
  • and more

2015 - 1Along with the above, stands manned by Asus UK and NFC Ring, amongst others will be on show to help you part with your hard-earned cash.

It’s fair to say that the event has grown beyond mere Android-themed discussion and has widened to include the mobile industry as a whole. I can reveal that those with iOS devices will be allowed entry!!

It’s also fair to say that the event has grown in both popularity, professionalism, and indeed status.

Check out our article on last years’ MotD Event to get a feel for the day, and then head over to the March of the Droids site to pickup some tickets! We’ll look forward to seeing you there!

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