Honor on a roll

Get it, Honor on a roll??? Shut up, it made me smile anyway. So, Honor, I assume if you regularly read MobileTechTalk then you will be quite familiar with the brand. If you haven’t heard of them then Honor, a brand name of Huawei, and if you don’t know them either, then think big Chinese company that makes phones and phone networks too. Honor is their brand “for digital natives” which I interpret as their brand for western trendy people who can’t pronounce Huawei.


They have just put out their figures for the first 6 months of the year and they are looking excellent so far. Revenue for Honor hit US$2.63 billion which is about £1.67 billion. Now that’s a fair chunk of money. In device or handset terms were talking over 20 million for the same six months. That’s pretty good going for a brand that has for the most part steered away from sucking up to networks and network subsidies. To my mind that means that many of these sales have been directly to consumers, people choosing an Honor phone themselves rather than having had the store personal steering you to it. Not that I’m saying phone shop staff care more about steering you to what gets them the most commission rather than what is actually best suited for you. Perish the thought.


Huawei also spat out some number about themselves, which are again exceedingly positive. Their “consumer biz group” which I take to be the handset division, has revenue up 69% year on year, taking it to over US$9 billion or about £5.8 billion. Handset numbers themselves shot up almost 40% to a little over 48 million. That’s especially not bad when you consider that the smartphone market itself only grew by 7%. They aren’t just growing but they are growing their global market share too which is pretty good, when you consider that it’s such a relatively new and unknown brand for many.


Now, we over at MTT towers can see why as I think we have all had first hand experiences with the company’s products but it’s still a pretty meteoric year on year jump. No too long ago Samsung and Lucky Goldstar were random Far East brands people weren’t too familiar with and now they are pretty much known to everyone. Even your granny knows them and I wonder how long till the same is said of the likes of Honor and Huawei?


Answers on a postcard. (Please don’t actually send us postcards.)

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