Fossil Group Has Pretty Smartwatches – IFA 2017

Here at IFA 2017, it’s fair to say that Smartwatches are still a thing, and no one is going harder on it than the Fossil Group. The Fossil group houses brands from all over the world, some of those are of course Fossil, but others Such as Emporio Armani, Diesel and Michael Kors.

Armani Smartwatch IFA 2017
One of the Gorgeous Armani watches with the Armani logo on the Crown

We mainly looked at the Diesel On Full Guard (a truly horrendous name, by the way), an Unnamed Emporio Armani Watch, and one of the newer Fossil watches, whose name I cannot find anywhere. All of these devices use Snapdragon Wear 2100 chips, which are designed for the low power use case scenarios of Android Wear. The Diesel On Full Guard has a 1.4″ 454×454 OLED screen, whereas the Armani and Fossil ones have a 1.3″ 400×400 OLED displays.

All of these models have 3 buttons, a button above and below the crown, and then the 3rd is the rotating crown that can also be pushed in. The Crown is a feature that is going to become more and more necessary in my eyes. When Apple introduced the idea of a digital crown with the Apple watch, I will admit that I scoffed at the idea. But since getting my TicWatch 2 with the touch sensitive side panel, and having a quick play with these Android Wear 2.0 watches, the rotational input is something that is needed. The level of accuracy needed in some applications cannot be achieved by a touchscreen, and rotating down or rotating the bezel as in the Samsung Gear devices is magnificent.

Of the three devices tested, I must admit to liking the crown on the On Full Guard by Diesel the most, but the design of the Emporio Armani one the most. If possible I will try to get at least one of these in for review, until then, here are some of the photos we took at the Fossil Group booth.

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  1. Can you please confirm or deny that the crown on the Diesel On Full Guard can be rotated? (I have heard that is does not rotate)…

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