Epson Moverio BT0350 #WTS2017

Epson attended the Wearable Tech Show 2017 to showcase a couple of new products, Moverio BT-350 as well as the Moverio Pro BT-2000.

Epson, perhaps known more for their printing prowess than that of wearables, delivered a cool demo to us at their booth at the Wearable Tech Show 2017. The Moverio BT-350 is a business orientated product that can deliver value adds to museums, galleries and other similar organisations via AR. In the demo, we were able to point the unit, which is incredibly light at just 69 grams, at a rather old Vase (I’m sure it has a more glorious name than that) and get more information, look around the product in 3D and generally have a more immersive experience than looking at a a static object.

The Moverio BT-350 features a 720p resolution and is powered by an Intel Atom chip with 2GB RAM, internal and external storage options and rocking Bluetooth, WiFi and USB connectivity.

The Moverio BT-350 will be available in April and commercials are yet to be announced for this product.

We were also treated to a brief demo of the Moverio BT-2000 Pro which is aimed at the more professional market and features much of the same technology.

For more information on availability and full tech specs, check out the Epson Moverio website.

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