PNY Sync Cables Giveaway

If you fancy a cool way of carrying around charge & sync cables around with you, regardless of your device, read on for the chance to win a pair of PNY Sync Cables

If you’re anything like us here at MobileTechTalk, you’re always scrabbling around for cables for various products you’ve got lying around in order to charge or transfer some data. With PNY Sync Cables you get a nice ltitle self contained unit so you’ll never lose the one important cable that you’d otherwise be spending all morning looking for or, and we know this happens, be forced to nip on to Amazon to buy a new one, only to get yourself pulled into the Today’s Deals section and end up denting your card more than you wanted to! It happens.

We’re giving away a pair of PNY Roll-IT Charge & Sync cables – one Lightning and one USB – for one lucky winner. So, read the rules below and enter to have a chance of winning a pair of Sync Cables – Lightning and USB.

PNY Sync Cables

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