MYNT ES Bluetooth Tracker Giveaway

We like to give back when we can, and today our friends over at Slightech are stumping up 2 MYNT ES Bluetooth Trackers for 2 winners – entry is very simple, so get on board and join the “no, I don’t wish to lose my items that are tracked by a MYNT ES ” train – or something funnier and ultimately more grammatically correct.

mynt es

The MYNT ES was reviewed by us over here not too long ago, and we’re very happy that Slightech is supporting you guys further by allowing us to get a couple of giveaway to you. If you want to know more about the MYNT ES of any of the other MYNT tracking products, firstly check out our reviews of them here, and then head over to the MYNT website.

To enter couldn’t be more simple; choose one or more ways to enter from the widget below, and if you’re successfully chosen (at random) Slightech will be in touch to send out your lovely new MYNT ES. Get entering, and remember that some of the entries are daily entries to boost your chances.

Mynt ES Bluetooth Tracker Giveaway

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  1. My keys / wallet

  2. Would have to be my keys…

  3. My favourite key rings from holidays

  4. Definitely my keys!

  5. Definitely my phone, everything important is on it!

  6. anthony harrington

    my keys, I must spend a coupe of hours a years looking for them, usually down the side of sofa and once they ended up in the bin.

  7. My smartphone, many thanks…..

  8. victor aparicio

    my car keys


  10. My i-phone, thankyou for the competition x

  11. To my cat.

  12. I’d attach it to my keyring

  13. Allison Sherwood

    I would pop it inside my phones case as I’m always losing my phone x

  14. car keys

  15. the car keys, son is always hiding them

  16. Mt car key as Im for ever looking for it

  17. I’d attach it to 2 year old Leo !!

  18. my keys

  19. amanda greensmith

    keys were for ever losing them

  20. My son’s keys. He’s always losing them


    I would attach it to my phone

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