Huge Aukey Giveaway!

Aukey are a company we’ve worked with many times, and as a reward they’re looking to give 10 lucky readers one of their awesome products. Fancy getting some tech for free? Of course you do – read on!


Aukey provide some of the best mobile peripherals out there for competitive rates, and today, you can get one of ten products for absolutely zilch! Who wouldn’t like the sound of that?

If you’ve never heard of Aukey before, 1) you must have done, and 2) they deliver power, audio, Bluetooth and home devices and peripherals for smart devices, and we’ve reviewed quite a few products of theirs.

Want to see which items you could win? Check them out below!

Not too shabby right? Damn right! So, how do you enter I hear you all ask? It’s quite simple, just check out the widget below and choose how you want to enter; remember some of them offer more entries than others!

We’ll let you all know who the winners are and we’ll ship out the products directly from Aukey to your tech-loving hands! Best of luck!


Aukey Giveaway

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  1. I must admit the P Camera looks good as FHD 😀

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