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MEEM – Charging & Backup


I had heard about MEEM originally during their Kickstarter campaign during early 2016 and it seemed like a cool idea but I am not the kind of person who invests in products so early on as I have heard story upon story about failed campaigns and the backers losing their …

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Review: Antlion Audio ModMic 4.0

When it comes to headsets there are hundreds upon thousands of choices on the market all ranging in price and quality. From the cheap low quality headsets to reasonably priced ones to those with average sound. But what if you already have a set of headphones that you really like …

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Clutch G1: A Great FPS Gaming Mouse

Clutch G1

eSports has become a big thing since I first started gaming on my PC. We can perhaps thank the likes of Counter Strike and League of Legends for delivering gaming of all sorts to the mainstream audience as more than just players, but spectators. Fnatic, an eSports gaming team have, …

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Benuo Wallet: Protect Those Cards


This is a first for me really. I’ve had a lot of tech-related wallets; I’m a big of a wallet collector if you ask my Wife. However this is the first time I’ve reviewed one, and I specifically wanted to as this product provides an answer to a very relevant …

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