Domenico Lamberti

Technology has been a big part of my life for years, whether it be ripping the family computer apart to see how it worked, playing with the new phones that Dad brought home from work. Senior Reviewer for MTT.

July, 2021

  • 22 July

    OnePlus Announces The Nord 2

    OnePlus Nord 2 announcement

    The Nord was a breakout phone for OnePlus. In a way, It was a return to form, a phone for a relatively low price that got you most of the …

  • 22 July

    HiFiMAN HE-R10P Review: I dont feel worthy to listen to these

    HiFiMAN HE-R10P Review

    We’re no strangers to HiFiMAN here at MobileTechTalk, we’ve reviewed some of their headphones in the past, I’ve personally reviewed the DEVAs and the TWS200 earbuds, so when a package …

  • 19 July

    HiFiMAN HE-R10D Review: Beautifully boring

    HiFiMAN HE-R10D Review

    HiFiMAN recently sent over their HE-R10P, the Planar Magnetic version of the HE-R10 series, well with those, they also sent these, the HE-R10D, the Dynamic version, costing about 4 times …

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