Tuesday , January 24 2017
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Wearable Reviews

Get 2016 wearable reviews from the UK and around the world, covering the latest wearable tech releases and new technology from MobileTechTalk.

Pebble Time Steel Review : Can Pebble make another Winner?

Back in 2012, Pebble launched a Kickstarter for a Smartwatch. This turned out to be the most successful project of all time on Kickstarter (at the time). Fast forward to 2015 and their next generation was released. We’ve taken our time on this product – this is our full review …

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Case Station POWER 5000mAh Giveaway

One of the coolest gangs we spoke to at The Gadget Show Live 2016 was the Case Station guys. They were kind enough to give us some interesting little products, and we’re kind enough to give them away to you! Read on.

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Levin Selfie Solar Charger 5000 Review

Levin Selfie Solar Charger 5000

We review a lot of power banks here at MobileTechTalk but we’ve shied away from solar panel power banks for a reason; most are awful. So, with a little reluctance we embarked on a review of the Levin Selfie Solar Charger 5000 review.

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Meze Headphones – Gadget Show Live 2016


Some of the nicest craftsmanship on headphones at the Gadget Show Live 2016 has to go to Meze Headphones. They have a strap-line of “Perfect natural sound” and we can attest that this set of cans are really something.

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Azoi Kito+ – Gadget Show Live 2016


The Kito+ by Azoi Inc. is a Health Tracker with a difference. Not only is it simple to use, but it’s interesting deployment method, within a case, is something of unique idea.

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Blackberry Priv – Unboxing

Blackberry Priv

Domenico takes a long awaited look at the Blackberry Priv, the Android device from the once proud smartphone manufacturer. Will this be enough to have Blackberry dining at the top table again?

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Gadget Show Live 2016 – Montage

Gadget Show Live

There was way too much from Gadget Show Live 2016 to cover, so check out the montage of the event and see who was there, what was on offer, and get some ideas for your future gadget purchases.

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QNAP TBS-453A – Gadget Show Live 2016

We took a look at a lot of cool gadgets and technology at the Gadget Show Live 2016, with the QNAP TBS-453A being one of the cooler. This is an M.2 SATA SSD NASbook with Quad Core CPU and 4K support.

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PackedPixels – Gadget Show Live 2016


We took a look at a lot of cool gadgets and technology at the Gadget Show Live 2016, with PackedPixels being just one of them. An awesome solution to productivity nuts who usually leave multiple monitors at home when they go out on the road.

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Boosty – Gadget Show Live 2016


We took a look at a lot of cool gadgets and technology at the Gadget Show Live 2016, with Boosty being one of the cooler services we saw to help those with poor broadband services.

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