Tuesday , January 24 2017
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Mobile Device news from the world of mobile technology and gadgets in 2017 from MobileTechTalk.

November Sales Storm – Gearbest Promotion

November Sales Storm

Gearbest keep treating us to excellent promotions don’t they? This time it’s because it’s the 11th of November, and it’s their Sales Storm – go figure! Still, who are we to argue eh? We’ve got too much tech to buy!

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Olixar 3-in-1 Camera Clip Lens review: Don’t, just don’t


This review started off as something interesting as I hadn’t used something like this before. I do need to note that the pictures I make with my phone are purely for entertainment purposes, or for the reviews on MobileTechTalk. People say these kind of lenses should “Enhance your photography experience”. …

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Aukey EP-B18 Headphones – Minimalist In Every Way

Aukey EP-B18

The Aukey EP-B18 Headphones are something we’ve not seen from them before. A set of headphones that have Bluetooth connectivity is one thing, but the minimalist design that is neither over the ear or in ear is intriguing. But does it perform?

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Talkin’ Tech Episode 45 – Free Facebook

Join Chris, Mark and our guest Fred as they talk about some of the news stories. They also talk about the Note 7 and talk about if they think that Samsung have done enough to recall the device. Virgin Media’s new 4G plans include FREE WhatsApp and rollover data – http://www.mobilechoiceuk.com/News/43539/virgin-medias-new-4g-plans-include-free-whatsapp-and-rollover-data.aspx …

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Intel Inside Promo – Gearbest

Intel Inside

Intel have been the go to chip for performance for decades and most of those reading will have used a device that was powered by an Intel chipset. Gearbest are running a special Intel Inside promo right now – head on over and check it out.

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Leeron Speaker Review: It’s Certainly Good Enough!


The Leeron Bluetooth speaker, well where should I start? I love listening to music in the afternoon after school ends, and just the entire evening. I used to grab the Lker One headphones I reviewed a while ago to partake. Does the arrival of this speaker change my behavior? Should …

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Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus Hands on: Back at it and better than ever

Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being invited up to London for the new Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus and Swift 2 launch, and this is my hands on.

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iMuto U6-TC 50W/10A 6-Port USB Power Station Review

iMuto U6-TC 50W/10A 6-Port USB Power Station Review

The iMuto U6-TC 50W/10A 6-Port USB Power Station Review, it may not be a cool or sexy gadget but we all need USB power, so how well does this serve it up?

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