Tuesday , January 24 2017
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Picture Keeper Connect: Picture Purging For A Price

Picture Keeper Connect

We’ve all had storage issues on our favourite smart devices haven’t we? In fact it’s all of our own making. As consumers we’ve pushed and pushed for better cameras in our smartphones and with better cameras, comes larger resolutions or more data within the images, requiring more data storage use …

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Moto Z Play Review: Buy it for the battery, stay for everything else

Moto Z Play Review

Motorola, a Company that has had a storied past; they were awesome, then smartphones came along and they stumbled/ Then google bought them and they made some awesome stuff again.Then Google sold them and Lenovo bought them and they made, well, less than awesome stuff. This year the Z series …

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Review: Geezer Mechanical Keyboard

We’ve covered a few gaming mice, we have not really covered mechanical keyboards, which is about to be rectified. So when I was looking, I spent quite a few hours reading and watching reviews before I finally decided which one would make me part with my hard earned cash. The Geezer Mechanical …

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