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Tech enthusiast and Editor-in-Chief of MobileTechTalk

January, 2017

  • 17 January

    dodocool DA104 Bluetooth Headphones: Great Value

    dodocool DA104

    dodocool are a company hat have only recently come onto our radar here at MobileTechTalk. As with many similar companies, their product list consists of Bluetooth peripherals, budget headphones and chargers. I took a look at the dodocool DA104 Bluetooth headphones over a two-week period and they even managed to …

  • 12 January

    HTC U Ultra and HTC U Play: It’s All About U

    HTC announce their latest forays into the smartphone market with the HTC U Ultra and HTC U Play models. A a 5.7″ QHD display vs a 5.2″ FHD display, Ultrapixels, Boomsound and more. There are more than just a few differences between them so let’s take a look.

  • 9 January

    Easterntimes Tech I-500: Budget Mechanical Switches

    easterntimes tech i-500

    I’m always wary of cheap keyboards. I’ve had them in the past and there’s always something a little off. The mechanical switches are poorly made, have incorrect travel for my typing style, or simply have poor drivers for UK-based use. Things are starting to change though. Whilst I was happy …

  • 7 January

    Aomaso Tyre Gauge: Every Driver Should Have One


    It’s the winter time and very soon people will be moaning about the light snowfall here in the UK and the trains and public services will be delayed, stretched or will simply cease to function. We’re a little feeble over here! However there are things we can do to make …

  • 3 January

    Honor 6X Announced: Disruptive Price Point

    The smartphone brand, made for ‘digital natives’ is at it again. The Honor 6X has been announced and it’s compelling!

  • 2 January

    EC Technology Sports Headphones: Decent Price, Decent Audio


    Another set of headphones from our friends at EC Technology. I’d tell you the name but they don’t really have one; it’s more of a description. The EC Technology Sweatproof Bluetooth 4.1 Sports Headphones (phew) are specifically for outdoors and gym activities. So how do they sound?

  • 1 January

    Picture Keeper Connect: Picture Purging For A Price

    Picture Keeper Connect

    We’ve all had storage issues on our favourite smart devices haven’t we? In fact it’s all of our own making. As consumers we’ve pushed and pushed for better cameras in our smartphones and with better cameras, comes larger resolutions or more data within the images, requiring more data storage use …

December, 2016

  • 29 December

    MAXOAK K2 50000mAh: The Seventh Infinity Gem?


    When you just don’t have enough power in your electronics and need something to just man up and power on through, the Maxoak 50000mAh power bank just might be what you need. Let’s take a look at what it offers over and above that huge battery.

  • 28 December

    Philips 272B7QPTKEB Monitor: Pop Up Present


    Our friends at Philips wanted us to take a look at their 27″ IPS 1440p display and we were only too happy to oblige. With a few tricks up it’s sleeve and a pop-up Webcam, on paper it should deliver, but did it? We take a look at the tongue-twistingly …

  • 19 December

    Awox SmartPlug: Decent Beginning To Your Smart Home

    Awox SmartPlug

    The Awox SmartPlug is the type of device that all homes should have, and many will have, in 2016. The ability to control the electronics in your house via a smart device is something many of us take for granted. This plug allows for scheduled on/off routines as well as …